How much thread length is required for Tie Rod Ends?

So you just put on a lift and you aren't sure if its safe to extend the tie rod ends or track bar ends?   Or you need to piece together some steering where the tie rod or draglink are a little short?

I came across this question and concern when converting from the JCR 1-Ton Steering to the WJ Knuckle and steering conversion and wanted to re-use the JCR 1-ton draglink with 1-ton ends on the WJ knuckles.     The JCR 1 ton draglink tube is longer than the WJ draglink because the 1-ton Tie rod ends (TREs) are shorter in length than the WJ TREs but overall with the tubes AND the Tie rod ends, the JCR 1 ton was still shorter than the complete WJ Draglink.    So could extend the JCR 1 -ton draglink by adjusting the TREs outward?

General rule of thumb is usually

  • 1 to 1 1/2 times the diameter for thread engagement for steel.    
  • 2 times the diameter for aluminum.

For example, if the DOM tubing has a inner diameter of 1" or the Tie rod end has 1" OD, then you need atleast 1" to 1.5" inches of the Tie Rod end threaded.

If anyone has any suggestions or corrections, please let us know or add your comments.

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