Oh so many choices for Steering for the XJ and MJ!    Gonna list them all here and let you decide what is right for you.    Click on the Steering Package to read more detail.

  • Strength or stronger than stock is implied for all of the packages listed.  No need to be repetitive and list as a Pro for each one.  
  • If particular package is not listed, then its either not stronger than stock steering or we just aren't aware of the package.

Steering Linkage Comparison Summary

Steering Package Price Pros Cons

Currie CurrectLync

  • Easy and ready to bolt on.   No mods required as it uses stock taper for the rod ends.
  • Pricey
  • Custom TREs means you can't order replacements from a regular parts store
  • Occasional clearance issues with tierod end and draglink around the trackbar brace.
  • Still uses Inverted Y setup.

JCR 1-Ton UTK and OTK

  • Uses Chevy 3/4 ton ends which are available at any parts store.
  • OTK gives more Tie rod clearance than WJ conversion
  • Crossover steering avoids toe-in change during suspension cycling.
  • Requires reaming pitman arm and knuckles to accept larger taper.
  • Known for having dead-spots due to tie rod rolling.
  • OTK requires trackbar and swaybar link relocation.
  • UTK doesnt provide much Tie rod clearance from rocks

Rusty's OTK Steering


  • Uses 1.5" DOM Links
  • OTK providing better tierod clearance
  • Crossover steering avoids toe-in change during suspension cycling.
  • Expensive
  • Uses heims which are known to wear out faster than tie rod ends
  • OTK requires trackbar and swaybar link relocation.

OffroadOnly (ORO) U-Turn


  • Crossover steering avoids toe-in change during suspension cycling.
  • Bolt-on ready.
  • Expensive
  • Reported clearance / interference issues.
Rockrawler X Factor  
  • crossover style steering
  •  Requires removal of tie rod in order to do alignment
ZJ Steering Free-$50
  • Cheap way to upgrade your tierod
  • Tierod is beefier than stock XJ
  • Uses stock rod ends
  • Uses Inverted Y Setup

WJ Knuckle Conversion

  • Can use WJ Stock ends available in any parts store
  • Upgrades to dual piston calipers for improved braking
  • draglink has its own mount on the knuckle for reduced stress
  • Can be pricey
  • Requires lots of parts (new brake pads, rotors, calipers, knuckles, OTA trackbar mount, swaybar links)
  • Requires lots of fab:
    • relocate trackbar mount at axle
    • relocate swaybar links
    • caliper spacing (varies)
    • redrilling WJ rotors or grinding hubs
  • WJ DLE at pitman does not provide much droop causing steering box stress.

JB Raised Steering Bracket

  • Provides hi steer using factory D30 Knuckle
  • Requires drilling and tapping 3 holes in the knuckle

Steering Box Options